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U.S. Jack Company provides a number of OEMs with custom-made hydraulic jacks, with an emphasis on quality, durability, and longevity. Instead of your having to modify imported products to suit your needs, U.S. Jack provides specialized jacks ready to install into your specific systems and applications. Potential OEM customers consistently inquire about products that are 100% USA made as they are fed up with import jacks with failure rates of 25-40%, right out of the box. But you can feel secure knowing you can trust our high quality craftsmanship with your lives.

Approximately 60% of our business is under contract with the federal government either through our own contracts with the General Services Administration (GSA) or contracts being fulfilled through a number of our customers, some of which include BAE System, Lockheed-Martin, Boeing Aerospace, Oshkosh Trucks, and Snap-on Tool. All production gauges are re-calibrated and re-certified on an annual basis, meaning your jack comes off the line adhering to standards that far surpass the quality control checks of import jacks.

A jack for all trades

While supporting our troops with 100% USA made equipment is our tradition, customers from various industries have found the dependability and longevity of our products to be an ideal fit for everything from heavy-duty trucks and farm equipment to construction vehicles and marinas. It’s about more than just American pride and craftsmanship; it’s about quality and safety. Whether it be for an order of 1 or 100, you will receive a jack built for constant use and engineered to stand the rigorous use of your particular application in any environment.

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